Side-Shift Cab ( Model 269L & 269LC )

These Side Shift Cabs were designed to fit all American Manufactured Passenger Loading Bridges to include existing PBB’s for refurbishment or new PBB’S. With this Shifting Cab installed on a Passenger Loading Bridge this combination will service wide, narrow body aircraft, and regional commuter jets.
List of Components that make up Side Shift Cabs
A) Side Shift Cab Portion - This allows only the front portion of the cab to shift left and right eleven inches in either direction from the center line of the Cab. Using this feature totally eliminates mis-parking, even for the inexperienced operators.
B) New Design Leveling Floor - This design far exceeds the one/Twelve ADA requirement in the worse condition. By using the Cam Roller method instead of the usual bearing and pin, the stress and binding up which is the usual, now is totally eliminated.
List of Safety Items
A) Cab Centering Button that returns the PBB to center, after shifting left or right
B) Actuators have built-in limits
C) Leveling Floor on Cam Rollers to eliminate stress and binding
D) Tape switch on front of Slide to shut down PBB if over Ten pounds of pressure
E) Limit Switch located under front of bumper to protect step of CRJ
F) Powered Coated Safety Handrails.
G) Flip up floor for aircraft cable


The Commuter cab with Side Shifting Capabilities is designed to service both wide and narrow body aircraft that can also be docked to selected Commuter Aircraft. SERVICES WIDE BODY AIRCRAFT (A380) Canadair CRJ7, Embraer-145 (with plug-style door). PLEASE NOTE THAT WE HAVE A MODEL THAT SERVICES the Embraer -135 with handrails that do not drop down.
The Commuter Cab Floor has a retractable portion that has travel of nine (9) inches out past the leading edge of bumper and retracts back nine (9) inches back past the leading edge of the bumper. Depending on how close the customer wants to get the fixed bumper to the aircraft fuselage, they can use one of the following methods.
1) The floor will retract back nine inches to make a cavity for the fold down stairs and handrails so you can dock the fixed portion of the bridge up close to the fuselage of the aircraft. In doing this it is required to use the patented feature of the flip up floor portion that is located on the right hand side of the slide to give clearance to cable that is attached to the door and the stairs. As the aircraft is loaded or unloaded the cable will move to left and right approximately two inches and approximately in and out one inch. The flip-up portion is Six inches wide and Twelve inches deep in order to assure that this cable will in no way be damaged. This is to service the CRJ AIRCRAFT. NOTE PASSENGERS ALWAYS DEPLANE OFF THE RIGHT SIDE INTO THE PASSENGER LOADING BRIDGE AND DIRECTLY INTO THE TERMINAL.
2) The same portion that retracts now EXTENDS to service ERJ so that the fixed portion does not get near the Total Air Temperature sensor of the ERJ aircraft during the approach to the aircraft. After the bridge is docked to the aircraft the sliding portion can be extended. Safety handrails extended and locked into place, especially designed handrails extend into the door of the aircraft and locked for passenger safety. NOTE PASSENGERS ALWAYS DEPLANE OFF THE RIGHT SIDE INTO THE PASSENGER LOADING BRIDGE AND DIRECTLY INTO THE TERMINAL. This saves money by speeding the deplaning of passengers. This also can be used on CRJ aircraft.
3) SIDE SHIFT PORTION of the commuter cab is a special design that saves time and money. This is done after the aircraft has come to a stopped position you use one button to shift the cab portion in either direction Eleven inches, according Io the direction of mispark of the aircraft. This feature totally eliminates the misparking of aircraft. Thus saving time and cost. This feature can be used with the Articulating Commuter Cab floor and ALWAYS WITH THE USE OF SAFETY HANDRAILS LOCKED INTO POSITION BEFORE PASSENGERS DEPLANE.
4) SAFETY HAND RAILS meet OSHA guidelines and are attached to either end of the cab floor to provide for passenger safety while boarding and disembarking from the aircraft. The special extend-able handrails direct the passenger traffic and seal off any unintentional access by passengers or others.
5) SAFETY BUMPER SENSOR completely the length of the slide bumper that if anything touches this sensor it completely shuts down forward horizontal movement, Cab rotate stops the slide portion from extending and disables the side shift.
6) SAFETY LIMIT UNDER BUMPER to protect the Passenger loading bridge from coming down and applying any pressure on the aircraft stairs. Also protects the safety handrails. When activated it over rides the auto level, raises the bridge and activates an alarm in the cab that alerts you to a problem.


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