The Conveyor Baggage Chute

was designed and patented with Safety being the top priority. It adjusts at different heights to prevent shoulder and back injuries to ground personnel. This product is used to load and unload luggage along with other items from aircraft it services up to A320 and all commuter aircraft. It It has the capacity to handle power wheel chairs and power scooters up to 500 pounds.
Length - 12 feet
Bed Width – 26 inches overall width 38 inches
Weight of Chute – 950 pounds
Cables – Two Aircraft Cables rated for 4000 pounds each
Voltage – 3 phase 480 volts
Amps – 15 amps
Controls – 24 Volts DC
Conveyor is reversible to carry items up when off-loading aircraft and down when loading aircraft.
Paint- Powder coated Safety Yellow
Safety features
A. Conveyor Bag Chute is adjustable to height of ground personnel operating the chute to prevent shoulder and back injuries.
B. Duplicate controls for inside and outside operation. 24Volts DC
C. When Conveyor is down, the boarding bridge horizontal drive is disabled and strobe light is activated.
D. Light inside the cab is illuminated to tell boarding bridge operator, bag chute is down when this light is blinking, the conveyor will not lower properly and the system has been shut down, raise conveyor back up, which puts the bridge back into operation and maintenance should be called.
E. Flood light serves two purposes
1- Light for night operation
2- Tells ground personnel that the conveyor is not completely closed and PBB will not move.
F. Electric sensor at bottom of chute to prevent baggage from falling on apron.
G. Security door mounted inside cab with combination lock to meet TSA requirements when chute is left unattended
H. Amber strobe light mounted on end of conveyor
I. Sensor mounted at end of conveyor to sense the apron, so the conveyor will not be lowered onto apron to allow slack in the cables.
J. Conveyor left running will shut down after Six minutes automatically. If conveyor left running and raised to stored position will automatically shut down when it hits closed position.


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